Week 7 Summary Post

This is the work I completed for week 7.  Each individual assignment has its reflection in its respective blog post.

Radio Show Progress

Radio Show Design Project

Rodeo Radio Bumper

Rodeo Radio Commercial

A Day in the Life of my Character

Rodeo Radio Commercial

This post was not too difficult.  I was able to also embed the song pretty well into this post.  It was the song “Traveller” by Chris Stapleton.  I also had my script all written out.

Where I struggled was the editing of the sound its self. I was having trouble making it flow when trying to make a couple corrections.

Rodeo Radio Bumper

This is my radio bumper for the rodeo radio show that we have for our group radio project.

In this assignment I embedded the song “It Feels Good” by Drake White in the background to give it a fun effect.  It also is a pretty good depiction of the radio show.

The bumper was not too difficult to make.  I was able to embed the music much better this time than I have been in the past.


Radio Show Progress

We began working on our radio show early this week.  Our group decided to get together last Wednesday and Thursday to establish our goals and create our google doc.  On Thursday we also began recording our show.  We have put together all most all of our scripts for recording, all that is left for our show is mostly just recording the show and editing it.

We decided to split up the bumpers between each of us.  One other group member and I are also creating commercials.  My commercial is about boots and the other one has to do with lassos.  My two individual assignments were done through Audacity and were downloaded onto Soundcloud to be posted in blogs for the website.

This upcoming week we will be editing our scripts through the google docs.  The following week we should be finishing up our radio show recordings and editing.

Radio Show Design Project

Rodeo Radio Poster

This is my design poster for my radio show.  Its a show based on rodeo coverage thought the west!

This poster is showing off our big event coming up this next week! The radio coverage of the Dallas Annual Classic Rodeo.  This event will be covered by our radio show and the majority of Texas will be able to tune in to the station to hear the best, award winning, commentators this side of the Mississippi.

I chose this design to be able to keep it simple for colors, this allows for the viewers to understand the meaning of the poster without being distracted.

I struggled when I was originally trying to decide between a poster and a bumper sticker.  I decided on the poster because it was more accessible for viewers.

Week 6 Summary Post


Western Design

The Vignelli Canon

Most Wanted Outlaw

Missing Person

Create A T-shirt

I created these posts through the Paint app on my computer.  It was not super difficult, but I struggle with colors due to my colorblindness.  Another major issue was finding correct and corresponding fonts for several of the different posts.