Final Project: Andy the Bank Robber’s Experiences

My final project is a compilation of five different types of media to give the receiver a close look as to what Andy the Bank Robber’s life was like while he was robbing banks.  This assignment contains seven different assignments two writing assignments, two design assignments, one visual assignment, one animated GIF assignment, and one audio assignment.  Each of these assignments is labeled in their “tags” section as to what form of media they are.  All of the work done over the course of this semester made these assignments much easier to tell a story in conjunction with one another.  This was a fun wrap up assignment to really use all of the tools I acquired through this class this semester.

Andy’s Travel Map

Andy’s Wanted Poster

Andy’s Model T Fords

Andy’s Diary Entry

Letter Home to Andy’s Family

Andy Car Chase

Andy’s Last Minute Monologue

Letter Home to Andy’s Family

This is a letter that Andy sent home to his family in the hay-day of his gang’s bank robbin’ trip.


Howdy Luanne,

My dearest wife, I am hoping this letter finds you well.  I hope the kids are doing fine.  I should be sending some money back home with Cal, his momma passed and is headed back home to Denver.

You and the kids will be happy to hear that the past two runs that I hit in Austin, Texas and New Mexico made me so much money I don’t even know where to fit it. Ha, don’t you remember when we had to beg for money just to feed our babies.  Surprisingly we are gonna be rolling in the money in about seven months when I get back home.

I can’t wait to see y’all.  It’s still a long trip ahead.  I’ll be writing to you again when I make it to California.

Tell the kids that they can get whatever they want from the toy store with the money I’m sending home with Cal, it’s plenty.

See you all soon.


Andy’s Diary Entry

This dairy entry is from the day before Andy was caught in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Today is June 22, 1913.

I have been on the road for the past six months and while out here we have lost a couple guys from our gang at a shootout in Nevada.  It was old Jimmy and Joey Thompson.  Their momma is gonna be heartbroken.  I can’t wait to make it back home to Denver so I can hang up my boots and finally put this bank robbin’ thing behind me.

Cheyenne may be a struggle to rob.  A couple guys tried robbin’ the bank there a few years back and got busted big time.  Since its my last run I might as well make it the toughest.  They got a pretty good law team out there.  This should be interesting. Hopefully this ain’t my last entry, I would really like to make it back home to see my family soon.

Well, anyway. Here goes nothing.

— Andy.

Andy’s Model T Fords

Andy Car 1


This is a sketch made of Andy the Bank Robber’s cars that he drove.  He and his gang drove these types of Model T Fords to make their robberies.  Their cars were enhanced to be high performance to Vis any law enforcement.

Andy’s Travel Map

Andy Map


This is the map that Andy used to plan out his bank robbing trip though the west.  He hit the capitals of almost every state in the West.  The yellow star shows where his trip began, and the red X shows where his trip ended abruptly by getting arrested.

Final Project Progress Report

This week I have mostly done preliminary work for my project and plan to put together the assignments within the next week.

My plan for my assignment is to create a digital story of the life of Andy the Bank Robber and his final moments before he got caught by the sheriff in Denver, Colorado, his home town.

The four types of media I am using will be a visual, audio, video, and writing.  There is a good possibility that to finish the story I may use a couple other forms of media, but the main forms I will be using are the ones stated.

The plan is to begin from his prime of his robberies and lead to the end of his run as the infamous bank robber.

The assignments should amount to roughly a total of what 25 stars worth of assignments would amount to.  This enables my project to tell the full story chronologically. This will mean about seven or eight assignments.

I look forward to seeing and showing off my final project.