Andy’s Diary Entry

This dairy entry is from the day before Andy was caught in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Today is June 22, 1913.

I have been on the road for the past six months and while out here we have lost a couple guys from our gang at a shootout in Nevada.  It was old Jimmy and Joey Thompson.  Their momma is gonna be heartbroken.  I can’t wait to make it back home to Denver so I can hang up my boots and finally put this bank robbin’ thing behind me.

Cheyenne may be a struggle to rob.  A couple guys tried robbin’ the bank there a few years back and got busted big time.  Since its my last run I might as well make it the toughest.  They got a pretty good law team out there.  This should be interesting. Hopefully this ain’t my last entry, I would really like to make it back home to see my family soon.

Well, anyway. Here goes nothing.

— Andy.

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