Letter Home to Andy’s Family

This is a letter that Andy sent home to his family in the hay-day of his gang’s bank robbin’ trip.


Howdy Luanne,

My dearest wife, I am hoping this letter finds you well.  I hope the kids are doing fine.  I should be sending some money back home with Cal, his momma passed and is headed back home to Denver.

You and the kids will be happy to hear that the past two runs that I hit in Austin, Texas and New Mexico made me so much money I don’t even know where to fit it. Ha, don’t you remember when we had to beg for money just to feed our babies.  Surprisingly we are gonna be rolling in the money in about seven months when I get back home.

I can’t wait to see y’all.  It’s still a long trip ahead.  I’ll be writing to you again when I make it to California.

Tell the kids that they can get whatever they want from the toy store with the money I’m sending home with Cal, it’s plenty.

See you all soon.


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